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woman pulled over for alleged DWIBecause much of our social culture revolves around alcohol, it can be challenging to abstain from imbibing and easy to unintentionally cross the line of responsible drinking. This is understandable but if you get behind the wheel of a car and are pulled over, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. If you have recently been arrested for a DWI, contact us today.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Limits

It is illegal for any adult to drive with a BAC of over 0.08{82745f50df50fd2bda73c770b2fbe20b24799bce529b7f53149e420d1b4a6e80}. If you are caught doing so, you could have your license suspended, spend time in jail, and be required to pay expensive fines. Furthermore, driving with a BAC of 0.15{82745f50df50fd2bda73c770b2fbe20b24799bce529b7f53149e420d1b4a6e80} or higher results in an aggravated DWI charge and harsher penalties. Drivers under the age of 21 with a BAC of 0.02{82745f50df50fd2bda73c770b2fbe20b24799bce529b7f53149e420d1b4a6e80} or more will also be charged with a DWI under Missouri’s “zero tolerance” laws.

Implied Consent

When you accepted your driving privileges, you gave consent for chemical/sobriety tests if you were stopped on suspicion of DWI. Refusing to consent to a BAC chemical test is an infraction in itself and results in the automatic suspension of your license for up to a year. Additionally, refusing this test casts you as guilty and will likely earn you a ride to a nearby hospital for a chemical test anyway. It is possible to be convicted of a DWI even if no chemical test is performed, as long as the arresting officer can produce enough compelling evidence that you were driving under the influence. In short, refusing a chemical test won’t do you any favors.

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