Why do I need a personal injury attorney?

It is simply a fact that insurance adjusters take claims of personal injury against their policyholders more seriously when they come from an experienced personal injury attorney. If you choose to submit a claim yourself, it is highly likely that they will try to get you to admit fault or otherwise jeopardize your own claim so that they can easily deny it. Furthermore, if your claim is denied, we can help you submit an appeal and take the perpetrators to court, if necessary.

If I said, “I’m sorry,” to the truck driver who caused my commercial accident at the scene in an effort to be nice, is my claim doomed?

Not necessarily, but their insurance provider may attempt to frame your polite apology as admitting fault. We will communicate with them exclusively to protect you from saying anything else that might hurt the viability of your claim and make it clear that your desire to be a nice person was not an admission of blame.

My friend told me that motorcycle drivers assume too much risk to file a personal injury claim against another driver. Is this true?

Not in the slightest. Just because some people view motorcycle riders as “adrenaline junkies” does not preclude motorcycle accident victims from pursuing personal injury claims that give them the compensation they need in order to recover and prove that all Missouri drivers are beholden to safety laws.

If I’m pulled over on suspicion of a DWI, should I refuse a chemical test?

If a police officer stops you and asks you to consent to a chemical or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test, you should consent to and complete the test. The reason for this is that a) you preemptively consented to chemical tests when you accepted your driver’s license and refusing one may result in the automatic suspension of your license and b) that the results of the test are not actually necessary for a DWI conviction. Even if you refuse a chemical test, the official arrest report of the incident may not be compelling enough to cast the amount of reasonable doubt needed to dismiss your charges.

If my spouse and I are in agreement about what we want out of our divorce, must we appear in court?

Not necessarily. If the two of you can agree upon the division of assets, debt, and property, child custody and support, and other divorce terms, you can complete your divorce proceedings through mediation and avoid court altogether.

What is the difference between estate planning & probate?

Generally speaking, estate planning is a voluntary process of planning for medical emergencies and death while you’re alive, whereas probate is the legal process of closing someone’s estate after their death.

Do I need a real estate law attorney if I’m working with a licensed real estate agent?

Though it is not required by Missouri law to retain a real estate law attorney, there are simply too many important things that a real estate agent cannot complete for you. We will look over all real estate contracts, provisions, and offers to ensure they match the expectations you have, do not violate any laws, and are favorable to you. It would be unethical for a real estate agent or broker to involve themselves in any of these aspects of the sale.

How experienced is Westhoff Law, LC?

Though principal attorney Sean W. Westhoff established his private practice in 2006, he has been diligently practicing law since 1995. With over 20 years of experience and countless successful client cases under his belt, Mr. Westhoff is an extremely safe and wise choice for legal representation.

What payment methods does your firm accept?

We accept client payments via Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or Discover credit cards and by cash or check.

What are the Westhoff Law, LC hours of operation?

We see clients Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Westhoff Law, LC provides representation for personal injury, DWI defense, family law and divorce, estate planning and probate, and real estate law in Arnold, Imperial, Fenton, Festus, Crystal City, Barnhart, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and the surrounding areas. Contact our office today at (636) 296-8383 to schedule an initial consultation.